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Roulette is the most popular game in a casino. It’s the game where the outcome is completely dependent on luck. As the great Albert Einstein once said “The only way to beat Roulette is to steal chips from the table when the dealer isn’t looking”. There’s no 100% winning strategy for playing roulette. However, there are ways to increase your chances of winning. I’m going to tell you about the most popular strategies.

Martingale Roulette System

The Martingale System is one of the oldest strategies of playing roulette. It’s been used in different variations for more then 200 years. According to this strategy, a player doubles the stakes after each loss until the stake wins. After winning, the player goes back to the minimum stake. It is necessary to stake on BLACK/RED, EVEN/ODD or BIG/SMALL.

I do not recommend you to use this system. I’ll give you an example.

If you begin to play with 5$ and you have no luck, according to the Martingale System your next stakes should be 10$, 20$, 40$, 80$, 160$, 320$, and 640$. Of course, the series of eight successive losses with such stakes is unlikely but it happens. And with all this you risk 640$. What for? For 5$! And your next stake will already be 1280$. And this is on conditions that a casino will accept such a stake because there are limitations of maximum and minimum stakes in all casinos.

However, the Martingale Roulette System is one of the most popular strategies among players.

The d’Alembert System

According to this strategy after each loss a player increases his stake by one. With each win the player decreases his stake by one. It is necessary to stake on BLACK/RED, EVEN/ODD or BIG/SMALL

I’ll give you an example. 5$ - lose, 10$ - lose, 15$ - win, 10$ - lose, 15$ - lose, 20$ - win, 15$ - win, 10$ - win. In the given series of games the winnings are 20$.

The d’Alembert System has the same disadvantage as the Martingale System. There’s a probability of a long series of losses and as a result you’ll reach the upper limit of stakes. But in contrast to the Martingale System, the d’Alembert System offers greater chances to win.

The Whittacker System

According to this strategy a player needs to stake in the following way: 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 65… (Every next stake is equal to the sum of the two previous ones). It is necessary to stake on BLACK/RED, EVEN/ODD or BIG/SMALL.

One stake’s winning compensates the two previous losses. If the stake loses, the player goes on to the next stake. If the stake wins – a player goes back skipping the previous stake (if the stake of 40 wins the next stake will be 15). This system has the same disadvantage as the d’Alembert System.

The law of 2/3

The probability of falling out of any number in roulette is equal to 1/37. According to the Law of 2/3 in a full cycle of 37 spins on average only 24 numbers fall out once or twice, and 13 numbers do not fall out at all.

Basing on this law it is possible to extract the twice fallen out spins on the 31st lead already and further to stake on this group of spins till the positive result.

Gambling Tips

  • Before approaching a playing table, decide what sum of money you’re prepared to lose.
  • Define the sum of the winnings after which you will stop and in that way will keep them.
  • Define the size of your stake based on the money you have, and do not exceed it.

I’d like to admit once again that there’s no any strategy which can bring in a stable return in roulette. It doesn’t matter what you do, the casino’s advantage remains unchangeable. Using the progressive strategies (Martingale, d’Alembert or Whittacker) you can win 30$ every day during 10 days and then lose 500$ on the 11th day. Everything depends on your luck. But the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy, following simple but important rules will help you to be successful.

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