Согласно законодательства РФ существует запрет для граждан РФ на игры в онлайн казино!
Приглашаем Вас в легальные игорные зоны:
 в Калининградской области ("Янтарная"), Алтайском ("Сибирская монета") и Приморском краях ("Приморье").

Online and land based casinos have similarities but can also be quite different. Choosing between gaming at either type of casino may be difficult as both offer powerful and unique advantages.

Comps at a hotel casino of the past have changed and greatly been reduced over the years. Today it takes hundreds of dollars spent to qualify for any type of comp. Online casinos, on the other hand, are competing against approximately 1,300 other vendors for your business. Comps are a routine expectation if you are gaming online. Beware, though, sometimes there are conditions attached to the comps provided. Variety and Atmosphere

Walking down the Las Vegas strip it might appear that there is an endless variety of casinos but it is deceiving, very few options exist within walking distance of each other. Online you have over 1,300 choices from which to select. Atmosphere is the biggest draw of a hotel-based casino. Crowds and their excitement, and sounds of the bell when people win and the direct competition is hard to re-create online. Handling real chips and money is a sensation that you don’t get online.

Access to online casinos is available to you with a computer and Internet access. Not everyone lives close to cities that allow gambling. Both experiences can provide you with the entertainment and potential for winning you choose where you want to play.

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